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For a long time, Summer has been that part of the year when the lack of good dramas would made me watch and rewatch some classics or popular dramas I didn’t have the chance to catch due to the massive amount of American/Asian shows I usually follow weekly. But this summer has proven me wrong thanks to TvN mostly, even though I ended up dropping High School King of Savvy because of the cringing lack of chemistry between the leads (and considering that Seo In Gook is one of them I guess all the blame is to be put on our lacking heroine). Fated to Love You, Marriage without Dating, High School – Love On… All of them, even the remake, have me so hooked I follow them along my seasonal plate of summer TV shows so it’s actually not easy to pick up a drama to watch on a non-stop marathon that has me bawling and screaming and my TV (the fact that my family is spending almost the whole summer home and I’m the one going back and forth is another problem to follow my routine of drama-marathoning). My usual re-watching routine includes Prosecutor Princess – I can’t go on a year without at least rewatching it once – probably Goong and a couple of unwatched classing dramas – some examples are Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart. But this time none of that happened, because of lack of time, lack of TV alone time and lack of motivation.

The biggest diamond I have found this summer, and that has become rewatching material even though the ending should need some revising, is Heartless City, or Cruel City. I could describe Cruel City as the most exciting, thrilling, jaw-dropping gangster drama I have ever watched (I actually could only compare this drama to IRIS/Athena since I haven’t watch that much cop dramas) but I could also describe it as the most beautiful yet angsty portray of a man I have ever watched. Still, I won’t be able to emphasize long enough the number of reasons why I loved this drama to the max and I will probably rewatch it next summer, but I will give you 10 reasons so you won’t try to run away from this.10 reasons why everyone should watch Cruel CityCollapse )

Drama Rant...or smth

It's been a long long time since I last "wrote" something here but lately I have felt like writing something about the dramas I'm watching. I used to have a blog just for my Spanish reviews, but since I felt like writing in English I decided to just post this here, let go of my ranting and breath again (?). So without further ado here is my current drama situation!

It's been a really long time since I have followed so many dramas at the same time. I usually stick to a drama if it's done, watch it fully and then start another. In those rare cases in which I have time to follow airing dramas I usually stick to two, if possible a Mon-Tue and a Wed-Thu drama, that way i have 4 episodes per week and they usually don't overlap so I can follow them without having to split myself into two. But this time around, and I think I have been in this tornado for a month or so already, I find myself watching 7 totally different dramas at the same time. I watched IRIS 2 followed by Kurosaki and Life, all of them by themselves, IRIS 2 happened when Glee and Beauty and the Beast were still airing so my time was split between American and Korean shows and the jap dramas were done a long time ago so I watched them in around a week each, so after Life I started a couple of dramas and suddenly a lot of interesting dramas started to appear so here I will detail each drama I'm following, the why and my current feelings about it. I will start chronologically to make it easier since I can't really organize them with a liking degree right now.

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[SELL] ***Venta de Manga****

Hoy vengo con un post en español!! *Confetti*

El asunto es el siguiente: vendo prácticamente toda mi colección de manga por falta de espacio. Dejé de comprar a finales de 2010 y no creo que continúe así que prefiero venderlo prácticamente todo (me quedo con algunas series a las que les tengo mucho cariño) y darle un hogar donde se les trate con cariño y se les relea *snif* Así que aquí os dejo la lista, los precios son NEGOCIABLES, y si vais a cualquier salón del manga o Japan Weekend por España en el que esté Asian Club os podéis ahorrar gastos de envío así que aquí os dejo la lista y los precios aproximados!

- Cat Street -> COMPLETA *32€*
- Porque me gustas -> COMPLETA *12€*
- Midnight Children -> COMPLETA *12€*
- Nagatachô Strawberry -> COMPLETA *30€*
- Uwasa no Midori-kun -> COMPLETA *65€*
- Mi anaranjado atardecer -> COMPLETA *33€*
- Secretos del corazón - COMPLETA *78€*
- The Gentleman Alliance -> COMPLETA *66€*
- Double Sentiment -> Oneshot *4€*
- Mistress Fortune -> Oneshot *4€*
- Cherish -> Oneshot *4€* RESERVADA
- Eres mi mascota -> 1 a 5 *30€ completa, 7€ tomos sueltos*
- El caballero Vampiro -> 1 a 11 *66€ completa, 7€ tomos sueltos*
- Rockin' Heaven -> 1 y 2 *12€ completa, 7€ tomos sueltos*
- Hana Yori Dango -> 1 a 6 *24€ completa, 5€ tomos sueltos*
- Novio Fetiche -> 1 a 3 *19€ completa, 7€ tomos sueltos*
- Lovely Complex -> 1 a 10 *45€ completa, 5€ tomos sueltos* RESERVADA
- Kimi ni todoke -> 1 a 6 *24€ completa, 5€ tomos sueltos*
- Otomen -> 1 a 6 *24€ completa, 5€ tomos sueltos*
- Crimson Hero -> 1 a 16 *96€ completa, 7€ tomos sueltos*
- Nana -> 1 a 20 + 7.8 *116€ completa, 6€ tomos sueltos*
- Nodame -> 1 a 17 *100€ completa, 7€ tomos sueltos*
- Novelas Emma -> 1 y 2 *15€ completa, 10€ novela suelta*

Las reservas se guardarán durante 30 días.
En caso de querer foto de cualquier manga me podéis contactar a través de e-mail (chibitenten[at]gmail.com) o Twitter (@chibitenten) o un mensaje privado en Livenajournal.
Los gastos de envío en caso de no poder realizarse entrega en mano son 8€ (mensajería)

[REVIEW] Korean Cosmetics and Makeup

Those of you who know me in real life, and have known me for a couple of years, should know that up until I started seriously working on Asian Club by January 2012 makeup and me were completely incompatible. Beyond a couple of lipgloss that looked more like child makeup I owned nothing at all and the problem arrived when I started traveling a lot due to Asian Club work and I had to consider stealing my mum and sister’s make up or buying my own. My first option was to buy cheap makeup that I could use for this rare occasions so I went to H&M and bought mascara and eyeliner, what I considered was the must-have for this meetings, but I was completely wrong and thanks to Korea I managed to fix this childish behavior in no time.

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Of non-canon, ninjas and Titanic

It has been a looong time since I last wrote here...Probably because life is a bitch, probably because I spend the whole day writing other things *coughworkcough*, probably simply because every time I found something to write about something worthy my time it was not the best time to open Livejournal...the fact is that it has been months since I last appeared here and much has happened on my shipping world and I felt like leaving written proof of it...

We all know I'm a compulsive reader, even when I don't have time, even when I only can read during the couple of hours I spend in bear before sleeping and before getting up I always have something to read on my cellphone (cause I'm BAMF like that...or not) and that means that during this last months I have had time to read A LOT, to remember some old fandoms and to rethink about the last ones. 

- Around May I started the Hunger Games...and I say started because yes, I haven't finished it...I only read it on my trips and that means that I still have the last part of the games left. But if I have find something interesting about this book is that it has helped me reach a new vision of angsty love and I think my last writings for the abusedchild!au has been a little bit influenced about it. I will be waiting for someone to point it out when I post them xD

- 50 shades of Grey: I started this one in September or so when I saw a report on tv about it. Everyone was CRAZY about the book, the book that had changed the lives of a generation...and when I started to read the only thing I could think about was the pure truth: someone has published a Twilight PWP fic and has changed the names. I didn't even know it was based on an actual Twilight Fanfic until a friend told me a couple of weeks ago. And when she said it was the best book ever and she was unable to find another book as good my reply was fast and unconscious: Go.Read.Fanfics. Because if you are an avid fanfic reader, not only K-Pop but almost every fandom out there be it Het, Yaoi, Yuri, Bromance, whatever, you will find not only a lot of features from the fanfic literature but also a lot of the flaws fan literature has. I was, and am, a BIG Twilight fan, but I have always pointed out how there's better fan lit out there in the internet and how Stephenie Meyer lack a lot of Lit skills, but she managed to get her fanfiction published and that book did wake up a generation of teenager girls who were losing the habit of reading, while 50 shades of Grey only take the hole Stephenie Meyer left uncovered, smut, and talked about the issue during 3 books....hello? Can we have a little bit of balance here? Anyway...Reading 50 Shades of Grey helped me appreciate again Het literature, and that has been proven to be useful for my new collaborative project...even though I still find really hard to write het pairings xD

- Isolation by Bex-Chan: Those of you who were present that amazing day when I was showed the world of Juran fanfiction will know that 90% of my TOP ships come supported by good fics. With Juran it was Easy by himawarixxsandz, with Xiuhan it was Supernova by apennyforseoul, with EdxBella it was Flamingo125 and her One day I'm gonna forget and for Dramione it has been Isolation by Bex-Chan. Most time my pairings are the ninjas, the brokens, the ones with the angst (even Xiuhan, who spend a lot of time together worshipping each other until they reach in Korean and Luhan runs to Sehun U_U) and this time I have topped myself, I like the non-canon pairing. Not that it was hard, actually even though I'm a huge fan of the whole HP saga I have always admitted that JK Rowling doesn't give a crap about romance on her books, love is not on her plans and when she needs to finish plots and give her characters clousure she needs to follow the easier way. And this is not only my way to explain why I suddenly ship so hard Dramione, it her own comment about how Dramione was more interesting to her than Romione but that would be too big of a twist to explain on just a book. So when I went back to the HP fandom this summer I decided that if I needed to read some fan lit about HP I was not going to read Romione of Hanny. I have always been a HUGE marauders fan and Sirius-Lupin // Sirius-James has been two of my first Yaois couples ever but I wasn't looking for Yaoi, I could find that on K-Popland easily, so I needed something new. Tonks/Remus and James/Lily had future but I ended up on Tumblr checking the dramione and when I realized I was starting to find them interesting. Only by the vids and graphics I could understand their dynamics, angst, betrayal, hate, redemption...all the traits I look for and I write, so when the time arrived to read some fics Isolation caught my eye...I need to say that it was my IT, the fic that made me fall in love with Dramione. After it I have read other famous fics, especially The Fallout, but not a single one of them has make me feel so much, so, yes, I admit I ship Dramione now as one of my top ships...so...
And this is all my reading report today...Only gonna add that on Thursday I'm spending 10h non stop at the cinema watching the Twilight marathon~~ and that HELL YEAH YES TAYLOR SWIFT RULED THE EMA'S! And Psy and Hangeng won their awards but god Taylor Swift made me so proud and that will probably influence my next couple of fics with her amazing Red album so...wait for some Swiftastic fiction on noprincenorape! [especial project coming up in xmas!! so stay tuned!!

p.s. Well, I guess I shouldnt have to say it but I'm disappearing again...I have 5 trips, 3 abroad and 2 national, the next 6 weeks so busy busy busy aaaaas hell! But hey!! Ill be meeting justjustcallmepriya and moonhunter666 and BIGBANG!! Any of you going to London for BIGBANG?!? LET'S PARTEY~~ 


Happy Birthday to my livejournal~~♪♫

~Today is a beautiful day~~~ Well, not really, is so damn clouded in Barcelona, it's cold and I think I will have to stay at the office tonight to work [yaaay-not] but...TODAY IS MY LJ BIRTHDAAAA~~~~Y! xD Well, it's the birthday of this one, obviously, not noprincenorape since that one is pretty new and I don't think it has even a year yet ^^U

I created this to post reviews, something I was doing on blogspot already and some forums, I posted reviews especially from Hana Yori Dango and some horror movies, everything in Spanish so don't care about looking for them, I even blocked some of the horrified but my clear lack of grammar knowledge even in Spanish, but with time I stopped using it, it was hard to update on so many sites and after all I didn't know anyone here...I came back to LJ in 2010 when my K-pop obsession started to be sick, Arama They Didn't [Jpop], Aiya They Didn't [C/TWpop] and Omona They Didn't [K-Pop] made me use LJ again, first just to be able to access without the 14 year-old protection, later so I could comment and post there...and then Beast and Juran attacked my life and I came back to ficland with almost 30 fics already [a lot considering my free time TT__TT]. That's when I had to create a second livejournal for my weirdness since I have been using this nickname sin 2003 and in almost 10 years there's too many people who can find me by the nickname and I don't want them to really read my fics ^^U so now this journal is a little dead, or a lot dead...but still today is your birthday, baby! I'm happy I got to know you, argue with you and, of course, love you ♪♫ So thank you for this 6 years of being here for me without being deleted!! 

And as a present I will post on noprincenorape a friends-locked fic on a Law!au...I'm not fond of it and I wasn't going to publish it ever but I needed something for today and this one was finished so....you can check it here~~ 

Of broken hearts...

....and apologies...

I...don't know if I should post about this. You all know me already, you all know "where" I work and who I work with so writing this is kind of compromising. But I'm not going to bash, insult, yell, rant or anything, I just think I need to get some things straight since I have been inquired all day long and I didn't know where to do it so I'm going to do it here.

What Yoseob said is WRONG in so many ways:
- Bad Marketing promotion when we are way more intl' B2uties than K-B2uties
- Bad Reputation for you and your group, Beast is Big but not as big as to make this huge error and don't be affected.
- Bad Representation of the rest of his members, even though we have suffered similar comments from Doojoon, Dongwoon and Junhyung.
- Bad Move, probably believing those useless intl' fans doesn't know Korean or can't access the Fancafé so why would he care for them?

Most of you will think that my B2uty heart is hurt and that's why I'm talking like this....but I'm also approaching this from a worker point of view, would you try to bring to your country a group that has pissed their own fandom? Sadly, we are all fans and we all know that just to catch a glimpse of their hair we will forgive and forget everything soon, I know that myself would forget everything if I get tomorrow a call announcing that Beast comes to Spain or that I would lose my ass to Kpop Town if they'd announced that they are doing their comeback tomorrow. I know in a week I will be fangirling happily, I will be reading fics again, I will be working my ass in Cube Spain's event in Barcelona, I will be begging to see a glimpse of their hair...but that doesn't make this less painful, this doesn't make me feel less disregarded, less invisible and less useful. 

I don't usually rant anywhere, I know I'm some kind of known so I try to keep the rant to minimal level so I won't have anything to be inquired about by my bosses....But there are times when I feel in the need to point out wrong doings and this is one of those times. I know everything I'm saying is useless, I know Kpop Idols will keep being "all-about-Korea" and intl' fans, especially European and American, are the most useless and less loved fans, yet I still think we are the most grateful fandom and that means that we will rant for a week before we forget about this matter again...Until they show their true colors once again in the near future....4 and counting...

Imma a crazy B2uty...[Part 4]

It's been quite some time since I last posted...and that means that in this 2 months I have gathered quite a few Beast things. I have bought some fan things for the first time, my friends has given me some more for free and I have even gotten some merchandising from the Beautiful Show Concert in Korea thanks to my Japanese friend...So I think it's time for my daily bragging time xDD

Here we go~~Collapse )

...Or how my whole plan is messed up...


Those of you have talked with me about the non published plots in thus au might already know that there are some things I decided in the until plotting stages, when this au was no more than a six-parts schema with six songs and six different stories that were linked in some way...it all started during my second Demi Lovato attack...that how in real life was born and that unpublished and almost unwritten five gave birth to this huge universe full of pain and hate and decadency.that fabric was purely my 2junseung self yelling at me to be freed from her cage, like if it was skip beat xD. I was supposed yo upload the 6 backstories before publishing anything but we all know how author 's minds work and in the end I have been using every single plot that came to my mind as well as the one that have been suggested to this universe...that's how it's were was born even though I should have written junhyung and yoseob's backstory before....and the perfect two needed to exist because I find this au's yoseob very interesting....and now while moonhunter666 and me were being our usual trolling send the little red riding hood came to my mind in the form of a tale and has ended being a fic full of decadency and angst again...even though I think this one will be less confusing and will help to understand the juran relationship better..I hope to post it tomorrow ^^

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Goodbye 2011....Hiyeom 2012!!

And it's over....my most..."freak" year is over and for once I can look back and feel SO PROUD of the year. It's bee almost a year since I started working for Asian Club [110109], and even though we have had our bad moments, our moments not-so-professional, moments of intense laughing screaming at vikings, moments when you feel so down because none went to your conference and stress...a loooooot of stress, stress because you have a convention and the conferences are not organized, stress for dossiers, for staff that won't work, for Korean TV Stations organizing an event for your fav group in the middle of your exams... If I have to summarize the year in 2 words they would be Stress + Kpop [or maybe just Beast since at first it was kpop...it has been always Kpop until Beast and Soom came into view...OTL]

Even though 2011 has been completely filled with Asian Club, not only the association gave me good moments this year. This was the year I started writing again and it made me know amazing people as moonhunter666justcallmepriyahimawarixxsandz singoutloud25 and it made me read amazing literature and start loving Yaoi for the first time in my life. Before I had only read/write het pairings but I found my love for KPop OTPs...and I found Juran and my world became one with them....I know a lot of you doesn't understand yaoi pairings, OTP's or how I can ship 2 artists together, even less when one of those artists is my sexual frustration....it doesnt matter how much I want to have Jang Hyunseung on my bed exploding my ovaries, I will always prefer to see him being sly, sassy, sweet, sexy, caring, adorb, fierce, 4D...with Yong Junhyung and none will ever convince me of the opposite!

As of Kpop...this was the year of Kpop in Europe, SMT in Paris, JYJ in Barcelona and Beast in Madrid and then again with Ucube in London, I only missed JYJ in Berlin this year [not really interested ^^U] and I enjoyed every one of them...I found that Super Junior has the best live ever, that SNSD are more precious and beautiful in person that I thought they could be, that JYJ are such a divas and I won't ever be a DBSK/JYJ fan, that Beast are AMAZING person, Hyunseung is sweet, Junhyung shy, Doojoon polite and has an amazing memory, Yoseob is a doll with an amazing smile that brightens the day, Kikwang is not as nice as he seems when there's no fans around but that makes me think he's so prefessional, Dongwoon can be tall as a tree but still can pop out around you without notice and he will apologize for scaring you...But still they are an amazing group with an amazing live, awesome voices, awesome voice skills and need a fucking rest asap even tho' they won't be having any in a while. But I also discovered that I almost fell out of love with SHINee, I still can't like 4minute [and won't stand the fake stage person of hyuna] and I love to pieces G.na. 

But apart from the face to face interactions I also discovered B1A4 and Block B, the first were love at first sight, the second had to work a little bit more because it's not the kind of music I look for on Kpop, over the thousand new girl groups Girl's Day had amazing songs but definitely ACube won with Apink, it was like mixing my 2 top groups together, SNSD with Beast on their MV's. I'm all about fluffy and pink [and yeah...im the angst queen buuuuuut my jpop roots make me weird xD]

And internet like....Apart from knowing the almost 200 ppl of Asian Club I knew a lot of ppl thanks to Twitter. Especially all those Korean B2uties who are now dearly friends, even tho' there's a lot of rude and non-friendly korean girls stanning BEAST, there's also a bunch of them who are always willing to help you, to talk to you, to be nice to you...I also knew some Japanese B2uties who deserve the Heaven and I cannot wait to meet all of them finally next year in Korea. 

And I think this is all I can summarize from this year....Thank you all of you who have spent this year with me, Thank you all the people that will spend the next one...♥♥

Happy 2012!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! FELIZ 2012!!♥